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complex die tool for plank
extruder die closed
die tool face
extruded decking


Arvitec has been dedicated to investigation and design for more than 25 years.

R&D forms a fundamental part of Arvitec’s DNA. In each project we learn more and apply our knowledge to the next project.

Evolution and research constitute Arvitec’s DNA. The creation of innovations in co-extrusion technology has been a constant in developing the more than 5,000 projects we have successfully completed.


Over the years we have managed to develop innovative solutions for the co-extrusion of multi-components and thanks to our universal heads we were pioneers in converting the extrusion of 10 components with the new extrusion system in two stages or dual-phase co-extrusion.

We are also leaders in the polyunion of highly complex tubes, gaskets and profiles with insertions of metal cores such as steel or aluminium.

Our technology allows us to offer die heads and gauges to produce profiles for different sectors such as automotive, construction, food, decoration and domestic appliances.

We have also developed the application of flocked tape in the same extrusion line, a step forward that has been much welcomed by our clients because it allows them to:

• Reduce scrap
• Expand the length of the application
• Improve the quality of finish because this is more uniform
• Reduce production costs.


Currently we are researching and perfecting filament extrusion technology for 3D printers, mainly with the most common ABS and PLA materials.