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arvitec new website

The new Arvitec website has landed

A new look for a new decade

Like many companies, Arvitec began by machining simple sets of dies and calibrators for local businesses from a garage in the 1990s. 25 years later, the company has changed a lot, currently serving a wide variety of clients nationally and internationally from its new moulds manufacturing workshop for extrusion and engineering close to Barcelona.

To mark 25 years of trading, the company has received a comprehensive rebrand, designed to reflect the business’s present size as well as its vision for the future. Our new logo and styling are the culmination of much thought and development, and the desire to create a clear footing for the company’s next endeavours.

As part of this development we are proud to relaunch our main website arvitec.com. You will immediately notice a drastic change in appearance as well as to user experience. The site has been designed to reflect the streamlined offering Arvitec now provides its new and existing clients. That offering revolves around three key product and service areas outlined below.

Extrusion Tools

The root of Arvitec’s expertise and history lies in the design, making and refinement of die tools for use in plastic extrusion. We have created thousands of tools over the years, many of which are still in use, producing millions of parts around Europe and South America each day.

If you have the mould of an existing profile that you need to renew, a design for a new profile or even just a concept, our dedicated team of design engineers can help you make it happen. From a CAD design, we can guide you on which we believe will be the best solution to guarantee the best tooling performance. Then we mechanise the design, previously approved, with our state-of-the-art machinery in CNC and EDM processes, leaving the mould ready to be tested and adjusted by our expert extrusion tool engineers.

In Arvitec we have the facility to thoroughly test the extrusion tools since we have 4 complete extrusion lines of permanent tests and 14 extruders prepared to work with different materials to be able to recreate the conditions that our customers have, it facilitates the commissioning and adjustment of the new tooling that we are going to manufacture. As you probably know, plastic extrusion is a complicated process, and there are a lot of variables to consider when manufacturing. We try to do everything possible to guarantee a stable and optimised production of your profiles by facilitating the approval of samples according to your drawings before sending the tooling.

Extrusion Machinery

Our knowledge of the extrusion process has led to an obvious development, that is the launch of a full range of extrusion machinery, from the extruders themselves, to downstream technology such as pullers and calibration tables. You’ll find an outline of the full range on our Extrusion Machinery page.

A wide range of single screw extruders and devices for the manufacture of any type of profile, from calibration tables for extrusion, haul off and cutting systems for extrusion. We also take care of the integration of any peripheral device to the extrusion line as well as feeders, dryers, ink or laser engravers, measurement systems for quality control, surface treatments and any solution that requires the manufacture of their profiles.

The series of extruders “Arvitec Genesis eXtruders” comprises different models with varied output capacities and energy consumptions. With the help of our team of expert engineers it is possible to configure your extruder as appropriate as possible to your production line. We can adapt the screw design according to the material or profile you want to work, PP, TPV, PVC, PC, ABS, etc.

Our pioneering development of co-extrusion processes has led to us achieving combinations up to 10 materials in a single extrusion line. This has been made possible in part by the Universal head, which allows up to four plastics to be combined at the same height at the same time. We also have a number of downstream components such as unwinders, accumulators, roll forming, and cutting devices.

Turnkey solutions / custom extrusion line

An extrusion die tool is nothing without a supporting extrusion line and trained operator. Our understanding of the considerations that go into the extrusion process mean we are best placed to support you on any plastic extrusion project through our turnkey solutions.

Whether you are already extrusion experts or are looking to venture into the production of a new product type or even a new material, Arvitec can support you in establishing reliable and cost-effective productions lines. Our design and engineering specialists can help conceive the right combination of equipment to achieve the results you need, and support this with carefully developed software.

25 years of extrusion expertise

With 25 years of experience at our disposal we are looking forward to working with you on your next project. Please take a look around our new website and get in contact to discuss how we can help propel your extrusion project forward.