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About Us

Arvitec has been advancing extrusion technology for more than 25 years. Supporting polymer extrusion manufacturers in producing reliable products of the highest quality, through expert engineering and pioneering process development.

Design Office

Our technical department has the most advanced technology and widely experienced professionals. All our designs are achieved using CAD-CAM system made from a draft, sample, or idea provided by the client.

Technical Service Department

We have a technical team with extensive experience in the development, manufacture and adjustment of all types of tools related to thermoplastic extrusion and coextrusion technology.

Our specialists are prepared to travel to any part of the globe for the start-up of our extrusion lines and calibration for efficient operation.


Our workshop is where our production is centralised. Here we build and develop the tools for the extrusion lines and calibration tables. We can even create bespoke machinery to meet the needs of extrusion and coextrusion projects that our clients may present.

  • We have the latest machinery for the manufacturing processes of die tools.
  • For the construction of the profiles we have a complete machine shop to guarantee the quality and precision of our tooling.
  • High Precision Wire EDM (EDM)
  • EDM by penetration
  • CNC grinding machine, for 600 x 300 mm parts
  • Strawberry and lathe
  • Saws
  • State-of-the-art Diprofil polishers for precision finishes.
  • We work with the highest quality materials 2316 steel, N16 bronze, PNMA, Bakelite among others

In addition, Arvitec has three complete extrusion lines with 10 extruders, where we can perform testing and line adjustments of accurately replicating the final layout specified by the client.

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Country Representatives

Country: Portugal
Name: Tiago Pina
E-mail: contact@contactplas.com

Country: Poland
Name: Lukasz Serewa
E-mail: lukas@chempol.com.pl

Country: France
Name: Marc Tourte
E-mail: marc.tourte@hspextrusion.fr

Country: Austria / Germany
Name: Rudolf Wessely

Country: Russia
Name: Victor Kalinichev
E-mail: vk@z-plast.ru

Our History

Arvitec was founded in 1992 by Josep Montlló. From its origins in his garage, Arvitec has focused on the manufacture of die heads and gauges for thermoplastic extrusion.


After detecting a clear need in the Spanish market, in 1996 the company moved to small factory premises and acquired an initial test line to allow the die heads and gauges to be fully adjusted by Arvitec.


In 2000, Arvitec had a clear presence in the Spanish market and, using national levels as a reference, converted itself to developing die heads and gauges for technical extrusion profiles. The incorporation of the three sons into different key departments of the company (sales, design and fitting) set Arvitec on the path of a significant commitment towards exports.


In 2006, Arvitec inaugurated new facilities with a 1,500 m2 plant. It reaffirmed its position as national leader in developing extrusion technology and also started to be the reference at the international level in developing profiles in the automotive sector.


In 2012, Arvitec started to tackle the problem of generational change which concluded in 2015. Maintaining leadership in the Spanish market, it was at the top of the European market in developing automotive profiles. This was the year when it launched the first line of full-service extrusion in the market to produce profiles in automotive welding, known as sealing systems, which involved a whole challenge for the company. For this reason, the facilities were expanded by another 1,000m, and staff numbers were considerably increased.


Operating out of a larger facility has meant that the business has been able to service larger projects and clients. In 2018, the company organised and hosted the first 1st Global Solution Symposium for Automotive Sealing Systems in Barcelona. And in 2019, Arvitec celebrated 25 years of trading, which was also marked with a refresh of its brand design.