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Advancing Extrusion Technology

precision engineered extrusion dies


We are specialists in creating bespoke extruder dies and calibrators used by plastic extrusion manufacturers across Europe and South America. The extrusion process requires highly precise tooling to manufacture parts that are consistent and reliable.

arvitec extruder


Arvitec is becoming a highly regarded badge on machinery in plastic extrusion plants across multiple sectors. With a full line up of extruders and downstream extrusion equipment we can help build the ideal production line to make your next product a success.

arvitec symposium machinery
arvitec shopfloor tour
turnkey extrusion service

Turnkey Solutions

Producing exceptional hardware is one thing but bringing it together to achieve efficient production takes expertise and experience. Our dedicated team of tooling engineers and software developers will help build extrusion lines that deliver cost effective manufacturing and in turn, delighted clients.